Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anniversary love fun!

These are so fun to stamp!  Lots of stamping and lots of mistakes but I'm getting better.   I cut my own blanks using a 12 gauge aluminum and then hammer stamped the edges.  I ordered these darling heart rings from a cute gal in Indiana and I adore them!  
I took a pewter square from my own line (love how that sounds) and stamped the initials of the lovebirds. <3
Then added a cute copper wire around a freshwater pearl.  

now I need to add it to Etsy....hopefully this weekend.

New muslin bags handstamped!

So here is a VIP bags that I made for the Sacramento Fashion show that I gave out.  They include homemade lip balm that is the BOMB!  I'll add that recipe on the blog next week.  I added a darling keychain that included a purse and high heel charm!  Of course, added a cute turquoise pearl!

For the next 50 customers who order, they will be getting these cute bags with their purchase.  shshhshsh, its a surprise though!

And, on yet another note...... I decided to redo the studio Brad and I share.  The floor has been stained this orang-y color for the past 5 years or so.  I painted the trim black and the walls silver glaze for Brad.  Well..... as I've moved my big @ss into the studio and his area is getting smaller and sad but oh well.  I just stained the floor turquoise, repainted the baseboards white and the walls are a sweet oatmeal.  I'll be adding the high lights later this week hopefully.    But I am in love with it!  
Hopefully, it will  give me a great deal of inspiration!  It sure makes me happy walking past it and its not even done yet!

Lots of love to you all!!!!!  Let me know if you'd like some samples of lip balm to pass out!  It is the recipe from Bert's Beez and it is AWESOME!

love, cami

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